1.  Laser teeth whitening

  2. Teeth whitening

  • Carrying out preventive examinations.

  • Functional diagnostics of the dentoalveolar system;

  • Braces (metal, ceramic, sapphire);

  • Removable orthodontic plate devices;

  • Postology

All types of fixed and removable orthopedic structures:
Prosthetics with metal-ceramic, metal and metal-free all-ceramic structures (crowns and bridges), including the use of gold alloys;
Microprosthetic - veneers (ceramic veneers on teeth) and inlays (ceramic and gold);
Removable prosthetics: removable plate prosthesis, clasp prosthetics simple, shiniruyuschee, with a lock fastening;
Prosthetics on implants.


  • Removal of teeth of various complexity, including retinirovannyh and dystopic;

  • Surgical interventions on the parodontium;

  • Resection of the tips of the roots (tooth-preserving operation);

  • Surgical treatment of cysts hemisection of roots (tooth-preserving operation)

  • Dental implantation with various types of implants.


Postology and gnathology

- Postology
- Gnathology
- Diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system
- Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of orthopedic diseases
- Correction of foot deformities in children and adults
- Installation of caps, orthotics or occlusal tires
- Treatment of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ):
Treatment of birth trauma
Treatment of trauma to the skull
Treatment of scoliosis of the spine
- Treatment of bruxism
- Neuromuscular dentistry. Bite correction with myostimulation
Correction of incorrect orthodontic treatment or prosthetics
Correcting an incorrect occlusion
- Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

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