The Plasmolifting procedure is successfully used to restore and heal gum tissue and periodontal tissue. The method allows to accelerate the engraftment of dental implants and restore the oral cavity after bone grafting.

What is plasmolifting?
The principle of the plasmolifting method is as follows: autoplasma normalizes hemodynamics and metabolism, accelerates the germination of capillaries.
In the bone tissues the process of formation of bone proteins (collagen) starts and the bone strengthens.

If you notice that the gums began to bleed and look inflamed, do not delay the visit to the doctor. With the help of plasmolifting, this problem can be completely eliminated in several sessions.

Plasma-lifting is performed with the help of local injections of autoplasma and stimulates the regeneration of damaged areas. The task of this dental procedure is to achieve a natural restoration of the shape, color and structure of the gum. Thus, plasmolifting refers to the technology of aesthetic dentistry.

The blood substance is able to activate the most important processes - regeneration and growth - at the cellular level. Due to the "naturalness" of the substance being administered, the procedure is hypoallergenic and safe.


The method Plasmolifting has much in common with PRP-therapy (an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma - "platelet-rich plasma"). Abroad PRP-therapy is used to treat a wide range of diseases, including traumatic nerve injuries, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, bone trauma, as well as in plastic and maxillofacial surgery. Russian scientists managed to modernize PRP technology. Thanks to this, the possibilities for the use of platelet autoplasma for a wider range of diseases have expanded. At the same time, the process of blood sampling and treatment to isolate plasma with high therapeutic properties became as simple and convenient as possible.

Plasmolifting Gel

Plasmolifting Gel - a unique rejuvenating procedure that allows you to eliminate wrinkles and tighten your face without surgery. Plasmolifting Gel is an absolutely natural filler that not only replenishes the lost tissue volume, leveling deep creases, but also triggers natural skin renewal processes. Plasmolifting Gel is based on the known method of Plasmolifting ™ using a patient isolated from the patient's own blood platelet autoplasma, which after treatment in a thermostat turns into a gel. The advantage of Plasmolifting Gel in comparison with synthetic analogs is its naturalness. Due to this, it is safe and does not cause allergies and adverse reactions.

Plasmolifting - cosmetology

The Based on the method of Plasmolifting in cosmetology, injective revitalizing procedures are performed, which allow to start the process of natural skin rejuvenation of the patient. Growth factors contained in platelets stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. As a result of treatment, the structure of the skin improves, its tone and elasticity rises, the relief is leveled, and the signs of photo-and chronostenia decrease.

Plasmolifting in stomatology

- Safe - plasma is prepared from the patient's own blood, without adding any chemicals
- Painless - most cases do not require anesthesia (anesthesia)
- easy to use and fast on time blood sampling 2 minutes, centrifugation - 10 minutes, introduction of plasma into the treatment zone - 10 minutes.
- Effective - the symptom of bleeding decreases after the first procedure.

The effect of the technology "Plasmolifting" is that natural processes of gum tissue repair are triggered, the number of inflammatory cells is reduced, a new connective tissue is formed, capillaries are germinated, and blood supply, metabolism in tissues and local immunity of the oral cavity are improved. Accordingly, the edema of the gingival tissue decreases, acquires a natural color and a regular shape.
The procedure is based on the patented method of treating the patient's blood with a special set of vacuum biotechnology tubes and a special principle of centrifugation. As a result, an injectable form of platelet-rich plasma is obtained, which is the product for the introduction of periodontal tissue into the tissue.
Platelet-rich plasma (BTP) is a highly effective biological stimulator of regeneration processes that contains growth factors, in high concentration, as well as hormones, proteins and vitamins in a natural combination. BotP is injected locally into damaged gingival tissue, implant or bone grafting sites, in the area of ​​sinus lifting, in the socket of the removed tooth, in the area of ​​osteosynthesis or the established membrane, in the maxillofacial areas of soft tissues during acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory processes. Importantly, the components contained in the BTP are absolutely natural for humans, they are not mutagens and can not cause oncology, tumors and other adverse reactions.

Thus, the use and effects of plasma lift are divided into the following stages:

- Initially, the patient takes the necessary amount of blood for the procedure;
- With the help of a rotating apparatus (centrifuge) and tubes, a pure and valuable substance, plasma, is released from the blood fluid;
- It should be separated from other components of the blood and at the same time it is saturated with platelets;
- Injections are introduced into the damaged areas of the gums, the holes remaining after removal of the tooth, in the area of ​​implant installation, osteosynthesis, sinus-lifting;
- Saturated plasma begins its action almost immediately after administration - blood flow improves, capillary capacity increases, tissue respiration and metabolism become normal;
- After the first procedure, important processes begin to occur: stimulation of growth cells, hitherto asleep and passive, strengthening of bone tissues, improving the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

These processes, manifested as a result of plasmolifting of the gums, have a unique effect:

  • Healing of wounds after tooth extraction is faster and less painful;

  • Reducing the risk of tooth loss;

  • Implants take root much better;

  • The tissue is restored after any damage;

  • The gums acquire a healthy color, their structure is improved;

  • Gum bleeding is eliminated;

  • Decreased mobility of teeth;

  • The unpleasant odor disappears, as putrefactive processes stop;

  • Periodontitis is prevented or the existing disease is successfully treated;

  • Overall improvement in the patient's quality of life.

Indications for the use of plasmolifting in dentistry:


  • Generalized periodontitis (1,2,3 degrees of severity)

  • Gingivitis

  • Localized periodontitis

  • Alveolitis

  • Surgery for implantation, tooth extraction

  • Peri-implantitis

  • Prevention of periodontal disease

Contraindications for plasmolifting in dentistry:

  • Allergy to heparin (anticoagulants)

  • Malignant neoplasms

  • Endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus in decompressed form)

If you have an operation to remove the tooth or install dentures, and also need to restore the health of periodontal and gums, consult with a specialist at our clinic. If there are no contraindications, plasmolifting in dentistry will be the best choice for you.

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