Mesotherapy. 3D-lifting

Do you want to turn back the clock, and lie down on the surgeon's knife categorically refuse?
Mezoniti in the clinic "DioDent" - a great alternative for you!
After the introduction of the mesonite, an invisible supporting framework is created for the facial tissues. The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure for introducing mesonites. After 6 months, the filaments will dissolve, but in the locations of the filaments, the action of the "skeleton" will be maintained thanks to the formed new collagen.

The lower third of the face, chin and neck are areas subject to pronounced early age changes.
Complaints on sagging skin of cheeks, lashes, wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds appear already at a fairly young age. Careful skin care can not withstand gravity, which every year literally pulls the facial tissues down. Lifting the lower third of the face will help to correct the oval face, eliminate the double chin and wrinkles in the mouth and neck area.
And also it is possible to put threads as prevention of the second chin, if there is a tendency to this. On the place of the threads, after their resorption, the connective tissue strands remain, which form the skeleton.
Beauty is so simple!