Naples Hands-on Perio Surgery Master Class on the use of Hyaluronic acid, 25-27 October 2018;

15-17 November 2018; 21-23 February 2019.

DioDent Consulting  организует 3- дневный мастер-класс.

В семинаре раскрываются различные техники пародонтальной хирургии c приминением гиалуроновой кислоты, в имплантологии, пародонтологии и хирургии полости рта. Курс предназначен для стоматологов общей практики, хирургов, пародонтологов.

Лектор:  Andrea Pilloni профессор- заведующий кафедрой пародонтологии римского университета "La Sapienza". Президент и основатель Итальянской асоциации стоматологов.

Master class program




                   DAY ONE              


            How to recognize periodontal diseases.


            How to manage bacterial plaque and its effects on periodontal tissues.


            The exam of the periodontal surgical patient.


            Clinical, laboratory diagnostics and computerized charting.


Chemotherapy of periodontal disease. Rationale for its use in preparation of  the surgical site.


            Principles of periodontal surgery.


          Osseous resective surgery.


            Crown lengthening and principles of aesthetics.


                        Mucogingival surgery and Root coverage procedures. (video)


                     DAY TWO             


            Principles of periodontal wound healing.


            The infrabony defect: when and how to treat it.

            Grafting materials and biomodulators.


            Hyaluronic acid in periodontal therapy.


            Hands-on course.

(participants will have a complete perio-surgery HU-Friedy kit, biomaterials and 5-0/6-0 suturing materials)






Live surgery day.

Prof. Pilloni will perform two surgeries live on patient:


  1. Mucogingival surgery for root coverage.

  2. Treatment of infrabony defect.


          At the end of the session participants will discuss the treated cases together with Prof. Pilloni.



Upon completion of the course each participant will receive a certification.


Лектор: Андреа Пилони

Prof. Andrea Pilloni   MD DDS MS

 Chairman, Section of Periodontology

 Sapienza, University of Rome


Received MD and DDS degrees at the University of Rome , Tor Vergata and a Master of Science in Oral Biology (MS) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Periodontics at the University of California, Los Angeles. While at UCLA he’s been assistant researcher in the Dental Anatomy and Oral Biology Department chaired by Prof. G.W. Bernard. At present time he’s Professor and Chair of Periodontology in the Section of Periodontics at the University of Roma “Sapienza”, School of Dentistry and Professor of Periodontology at the School of Dental Hygiene of the same University. Director of the Postdoc Master Program in Periodontics. Adjunct Associate Professor at the Ohio State University Section of Periodontics. Member of the Italian Ministry of Health in the Committee for National Board of Italian and non-european dentists. Active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology (board member of the cultural committee) and International member of the American Academy of Periodontology. Member of the European Tissue Repair Society. and of the European Wound Management Association. Active Member of the Wound Healing Society. Past President and Founder of the Italian Association of Bad Breath. Author of articles in peer-reviewed journals and of one book on GTR. Private practice limited to Periodontics.