Course: Dental Assistant



The course of the assistant dentist is aimed at studying the internal structure of private and municipal dental clinics.

During the course:

Proceedings for the professional service of patients;
- study of professional terminology and ethics;
- tools and operation of specialized equipment;
- creating a positive contact with the patient;
- improving the skills of interaction with patients, an individual approach to each client;
- effective interaction with a dentist at the reception, the ability to work in pairs, in a team;
- formation of the ability to navigate in difficult situations;
- study of modern requirements for the profession;
- Ability to master the situation during the reception.

 "It's easy to learn a profession if you trust
Professionals "
Elena Nazarko - leading dentist and founder of the clinic DioDent

The unique course "Dental Assistant" was developed by the leading physician of the dental clinic DioDent Elena Nazarko.
Earlier, the assistant doctor was required only to meet the patient and prepare a workplace. In our time, dentistry is one of the most rapidly developing areas of modern medicine. Now the requirements for assistants have increased many times, a nurse / nurse is simply obliged to develop and improve their professional
Skills together with a doctor.
Specialization "Assistant dentist" requires extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in various fields of medicine: dentistry, materials science, radiology, anatomy and much more.
The course "Assistant dentist", developed by the Educational Center DioDent, will help you fully master the specialty and work in a single tandem with the doctor in the "four hands".
The theoretical course was developed by the leading physician of the Diodent clinic Elena Nazarko. Elena Nazarko is the Honored Doctor of the City of Naples, who regularly raises his qualification on the best world courses and seminars.


Training of dental assistants is responsible for monitoring patients' practices and records, training in preparation and disinfection of the workplace, as well as disinfection of medical instruments and equipment. The assistant dentist must learn to be responsible for the disposal of biowaste and the preparation of materials (mixes intended for seals, etc.)




At the end of the course, a European diploma is issued: Diploma di Scuola media Superiore, Qualifica O.S.A .; Qualifica O.S.S .; Assistente Amministrativo Studio Odontoiatrico.





  • Anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity.

  • Studying of medical tools and materials used in dentistry.

  • Disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments.

  • Basics of confidentiality of dental services.

  • Basics of administration and accounting.

  • Disinfection, sterilization, anesthesia, kneading of filling materials, etc.



  • Reception of patients.

  • Preparation of the necessary materials.

  • Assistant to the dentist, the principle of working in the "four hands" (preparation and submission of tools, saliva ejection, preparation of kneading for seals, etc.).

  • Excerpt of the patient with rekmendatsiyami and appointment of the next reception).

  • Control over the order in the office and registration.

  • Features of work with physicians of various specialties are considered: therapists, implantologists, orthodontists and so on.



1) General course duration - 900 hours: 600 hours theory (can be carried out remotely) and 300 hours of practice in a stomatological clinic DioDent. The general course duration is 6 months.
2) The total duration of the course is 3 months. During this time, morning theoretical lectures
(From 10.00 to 12.00) and practice in the clinic (from 12.00 to 18.00).



1) The total cost of the course for 6 months: 1500 euros. Payment in installments is possible: 30% of the cost of the course is paid before the start of the course, then payment can be made in three stages.
2) The price of the course for 3 months: 600 euros.

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