Practical course for doctors:
Cranio-postural aspect in modern dentistry

Presentation of the course

"Postology is a mirror of osteopathic dysfunction and one of the ways to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment."
Postulography (from Latin posture - posture) is the area of ​​human knowledge involved in the study of posture, the mechanisms of maintaining the vertical posture and balance of the human body, the so-called directness, both in the norm and in the development of a number of pathological conditions and disorders of the spine configuration, and Also the definition (diagnosis) of the true causes of these violations.
Targeted correction of postures throughout the duration of dental treatment makes it possible:
- conduct informative diagnostics,
- reduce the number of intermediate stages,
- to improve the quality and stability of treatment,
- to raise the status of a dentist who is able not only to restore the dental system, but also significantly improve the overall health of his patients.

The incidence of occlusive disorders in patients in general dental practice fluctuates, according to various data, in the range of 70 to 90%. In most cases, this is caused by postural factors (deformations of the spine, shoulder girdle, pelvis, lower limbs, hernia of intervertebral discs, etc.).
Practice shows that postural disorders interfere with the patient's full adaptation to orthopedic restoration and reconstruction, even if they are performed in full compliance with the parameters of optimal occlusion.
Within the framework of our course, we will fully disclose the postural aspect (balance, balance, symmetry of posture), the role of the spine and the whole musculoskeletal system in the formation of occlusion, as well as methods for stabilizing and harmonizing the postural system to effectively achieve optimal occlusion.

 Purpose of the course:

  • Improvement of the quality and stability of the results of the work of the dentist - orthopedist, - orthodontist, - therapist, -surgeon.

  • Reduction in the number of intermediate stages, the introduction of informative diagnostics.

  • An increase in the status of a dentist who is able not only to restore the dentogamy system, but also significantly improve the overall health of his patients.

Course outline:

  • Occlusion and posture are a common concept.

  • Diagnosis of occlusive disorders, their prevention and treatment principles in the clinic of therapeutic, orthopedic dentistry and orthodontics.

  • The relationship between dental occlusion, temporomandibular joint and neuromuscular system.

  • Functional occlusion in aesthetic dentistry.

  • Biometric diagnostics of occlusal disharmony with the help of stabilometric platforms.

  • Practical use of biometric diagnostics in complex rehabilitation of patients with cranio-mandibular dysfunction.

  • Symptoms of the craniotic-mandibular system: clinical manifestations and their relationship with the imbalance of muscle tone.

The course "Cranio-postural aspect in dentistry" is basic and suitable for any specialist in the field of medicine. It is indisputable as well as the high importance of harmonious occlusion to improve the efficiency and quality of all types of dental treatment and to maintain the quality of life of each person, and the close relationship of occlusions and postures (structural and functional).
After its passage you will know how to carry out the treatment, which will result in: ideal aesthetics, stable occlusion, normal operation of the TMJ, sufficient nasal breathing, a healthy sleep and a stable posture.
Our goal is to teach you not only to treat the patient, but to cure him, and that this process is mutually beneficial and pleasant for the doctor and patient!

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