If a woman watches the condition of the face and body, she probably met the word "biorevitalization", since the procedure is currently one of the most popular and popular methods of non-surgical skin tightening.
The word "biorevitalization" consists of several parts, the translation of which makes it understandable, and the process - predictable. "Bio" - natural, "re" - return, "vita" - life, and all together means a return to life in a natural way.

What is biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid refers to specific substances capable of retaining moisture, providing and maintaining a natural hydrobalance of the dermis. The processes of aging and reducing the production of this substance begin already from the age of 20, when the intensity of metabolic processes decreases and the cells lose the necessary moisture.
With the passage of time, age changes are gaining momentum, and hyaluronic acid in the body is becoming less. There is no acid - it means that cells can not hold water, as a result, the skin will sag, forming deep dips or wrinkles. The procedure of biorevitalization is used wherever there are problems - on the face, neck, in the decollete zone, as well as on different parts of the body, providing the necessary hydro-reserve to the skin layers.
The introduction of artificial HA triggers the mechanisms of its own production of this unique substance, thus providing a prolonged effect of rejuvenation. Injections are performed pointwise, in places with the most pronounced signs of aging - the area of ​​the eyes, forehead, nasolabial folds, neck.


For the biorevitalization of a person as a rejuvenation, there are the following medical and cosmetological indications on which it is necessary to rely:
- dry skin type, lack of moisture;
- signs of aging and wilting of the skin;
- loss of tone;
- insufficient elasticity of the skin;
- unhealthy, bad complexion;
- avitaminosis;
- metabolic disease;
- wrinkles;
- swelling, dark circles, bruises, bags around the eyes;
- Vascular asterisks (couperose);
- enlarged pores;
- acne, acne;
- Extensions, scars, scars;
Blurred contour of the face;
- drooping cheeks, flew, the second chin;
- Muscular spasms on the face;
- rehabilitation period after plastic and other cosmetic procedures.
The doctor determines the most serious problems, which must be disposed of as soon as possible, until they are started. And already in this zone of the person processing is carried out. But this is possible only if there are no contraindications.
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