Practical Course:
Training of administrator for dental clinic

                                                       Presentation of the course

Why are there more clients in some clinics than in others? A lot depends on the professionalism of doctors and other specialists, but the administrator of the dental clinic plays an important role in the formation of the client base. After all, it is he who creates the atmosphere, psychologically accompanies each patient and directly affects whether the client will become permanent or will not want to return.
The courses of the dentistry administrator, conducted by the DioDent clinic, are developed according to a unique program, which is based on the experience of our professional teachers. Training for the administrator of a dental clinic affects important aspects.

A successful dental clinic needs an administrator who independently thinks, is active and responsible, copes well with his duties and functions in interaction with patients, and, most importantly, knows how to sell dental services. Any such owner of a dental business dreams of such a representative of the front line, trying to get rid of the registrar who only writes to the doctors and informs about the prices for the services.

We offer:

  • A practical course for administrators with the issuance of a certificate confirming the successful completion of the courses.

  • A unique program of training or professional development for representatives of the professions "Administrator of the dental clinic" including theoretical knowledge and practicing practical skills.

  • The most affordable cost of training by European standards (employers who pay for their employees are provided with all the necessary closing documents).

Purpose of the course:

  • Improving the quality of patient care clinic;

  • Creating positive contact with the patient;

  • Perfection of the skills of interaction with patients, an individual approach to each client;

  • Identifying one's own style of effective behavior;

  • Formation of the ability to navigate in difficult situations;

  • Obtaining and training skills for effective sale of dental services;

  • Obtaining and training skills in dealing with objections when selling a service;

  • Obtaining and testing skills in the argumentation of the cost of the service;

  • Receiving and testing the skills of the presentation of the service.

  Method of training:

Intensive training based on practical skills training; Role-playing and situational games; Group and individual exercises, brief theoretical and methodological materials.

Administrators training program:

1. The content of services (lecture)
Basic dental terms.
Training in the field of dentistry.

2. Training "Successful contact"
Training program:

- successful contact;
- trust between the employee and the patient;
- understanding of internal needs, creating a zone of comfortable communication;
- the basic psychological laws for constructing effective sales of services;
- mastering the technology of successful contact

3. Rules of the administrator of the dental clinic (lecture)
- conditions for appointment to a doctor for advice and treatment:

1) Economic benefit of preliminary consultation for the firm and patients.
2) Convincing argumentation of the consultation:
- when, in which place of the dialogue should be offered consultation to the patient,
- how to lead a patient to make a decision to make an appointment for a consultation.
3) Errors of administrators when proposing and justifying a consultation.

- average terms of treatment and prosthetics;
- provision of guarantees;
- terms of payment for services:

1) The concepts of "service price" and "cost of treatment". Objective and convincing information about the level of prices in the clinic.
Suitable information situations about minimum, maximum and average prices.
2) Justification of prices for services.
3) Argumentation of the price, called the patient - minimum, maximum, average.
4) Administrators' mistakes in the practice of informing patients about the price of services.

- conditions for concluding an agreement between the clinic and the patient;
- information about sick leave sheets, dental examination, insurance of the result of treatment;
- rules for admission of patients by clinic administrators;
- Requirements for the appearance of the administrator.

4. Conducting telephone conversations (lecture)
Training program:

- Evaluation and development of practical skills in the sale of services by phone;
- ability to solve problem situations in telephone conversations;
- use of a positive potential state for effective telephone contact;
- ability to negotiate;
- the concept of professional communication in patient care;
- the purposes of interaction of the administrator with the patient in telephone and direct dialogue;
- persuading the effects of the administrator on the patient: establishing and maintaining contact, adequate and objective information, reasoned information;
- Requirements for the presentation of information: compliance with the probable problem of the patient, logicality, accessibility, objectivity.

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