Welcome to the website of our clinic!

We are proud to have created our clinic and our brand, because the brands are not born, you must create them and this takes time and a lot of effort. We have it took 20 years.

We are an international dental clinic. We employ Russian-speaking doctors from the Italian education; we conduct our practices between Ukraine, Russia, Italy and the UAE.

Before the opening of a new clinic in Naples, originally we asked the following questions: How did the modern dental clinic should look like? How to convey to the patient, our beliefs and our methods?

We did not want to create a simple clinic, which simply provides all kinds of dental services. Our objective was to optimize the stomatology at the international level. This primarily means that we have - a personal approach to each patient.

We provide high-quality safe treatment without pain for a short time with a guarantee on all services. This result we achieved at the expense of highly qualified staff and high-tech to ensure the best equipment from world manufacturers. All our equipment and tips - from the world's leading German company Sirona.

We were the first in Naples acquired Piezosurgery system from the company Mectron (Italy, Genoa), which allows the micrometric sections and has a high tactile sensitivity and intraoperative visibility. With operations on Piezosurgery bone protects the soft parts, nerves and blood vessels without damaging them. Piezosurgery - the latest innovation in modern dentistry, which analogues do not exist. The system provides maximum safety for the patient and the doctor.


Before each visit, the patient we perform disinfection throughout of all surface of the furniture in the dental office. Furniture is sealed and has a sufficient number of boxes which is invisible to the eye of the patient, we have placed all the necessary work tools and medical materials, so avoid unpleasant odors from the medicines and reduce stress, which can occur in a patient at a reception.

We have introduced a high level of safety of dental treatment based on mandatory disinfection and sterilization not only tools, but also dental tips, which are changed after each patient receiving. Security has become our calling card for those people who are aware of the risks of infection associated with dental procedures, especially such as hepatitis C, which is called "gentle killer" as a disease is asymptomatic and is manifested only when the disease is almost incurable.

Our intention to do everything properly, gradually gave us the status of a unique dental clinics with staff, where medical ethics and medical business in the first place.

By concentrating our efforts on the relationship with patients and the relationship between team members (managers, doctors, administrators and assistants), we have refused the traditional scheme of work Dental clinic in two shifts.

We have introduced the post of administrator, freeing doctors from financial relations with patients, in that way creating conditions for the work of dentists, in which they can realize itself only as professionals, not distracted by additional and unnatural for the duties of its profession.

Dentists DioDent clinics tend to offer all the necessary it is to their patients for their treatment plan. The clinic operates an integrated treatment concept.

With time we gave up and manufacture of removable-clasp and laminar prostheses that humiliate human dignity and generate his sense of inferiority.

Our dentists are able to demonstrate to patients that you can restore any defect of dentition fixed prostheses implant regardless of the number of lost teeth and to give people a new opportunity to communicate, like, smile, kiss just enjoy the food and life.

We are constantly trying to explain to our patients that the privilege to have "full teeth," regardless of the age, and the elderly, as a rule, the parents of our patients deserve, no less care than children.

We persistently and systematically explain to our adult patients, it is necessary to treat not only the permanent teeth and baby teeth of children.

Every day we talk to patients about our intention to maintain the current level of treatment for all time.

We understand that words are worthless, but actions speak more than talk.

The meaning of our daily work is the ability to change the lives of our patients to the better.

We will be glad if you decide to entrust the care of your teeth specialists DioDent clinic, because we keep our promises.





Smile and be happy!

Leading dentist and owner of a dental clinic DIODENT Elena Nazarko.